Concrete Pool Deck Lifting in North Port

If you have a Concrete Pool Deck Lifting in North Port that was installed several years ago, or perhaps even decades ago, you may be wondering whether concrete pool deck is sinking, moving, or otherwise damaged, concrete pool deck lifting is a viable option to repair the concrete and restore it to useable condition again. Concrete lifting has been around for years, but Concrete Pool Deck Lifting in North Port is just beginning to gain popularity as concrete swimming pools are being built more frequently. The best concrete pool deck lifting in North Port is carried out by concrete experts familiar with concrete leveling issues who have experience working on concrete decks of all sizes and shapes.

Concretes’ main components are cement and water which mix together to make a hard solid when they dry. However, if too much water remains in the mixture after it dries, the resulting material will be weak, and concrete pool deck concrete will not have the strength to support significant weights. This is why concrete pool decks can become damaged, concrete pool deck sinking or shifting as a result of too much water being left in the concrete mix initially. In addition, concrete pool decks may also begin to sink over time if they are not properly maintained.

Concrete leveling experts use modern technology to identify problem areas quickly and accurately. A concrete laser scanner device will determine how far off the concrete has shifted and where it needs additional repairs before it can be used again. Small hand tools such as chisels and grinders are used to make minor repairs on concrete which has begun to shift but hasn’t completely separated from its supports. Once those minor repairs are made, concrete leveling experts will often turn to concrete leveling concrete which is injected under the concrete slab. This concrete has more water than typical concrete, and it slowly expands as it dries, forcing the concrete up and creating a sturdy surface that can be safely walked on once more.

Concrete pool deck raising is ideal for concrete decks that have shifted slightly or even just sunk due to excess water in the original concrete mix by only an inch or two. If you think concrete pool deck lifting may be necessary for your home’s concrete pool deck, contact a concrete expert today for a free estimate and evaluation of your options.

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